Bits & Bijt Wrap-Up

After what we hope was a great Summer for all buddying agilists out there, we thought we bid the mad warm days farewell and welcome falling leaves and hot cocoa the best way possible: with one more Bits & Bijt! For those not fortunate enough to have attended one already, Bits & Bijt is the OutSystems developer meetup, held in the Netherlands roughly every 3 months.
Now in its third edition, it is a very informal and relaxed event, where suit and ties give way to t-shirts and jeans and where ROI and economy planning play second fiddle to technical discussions and tales from the trenches over a can of soda and munchies.
Of course we always aim at having incredible speakers that set the tone for further discussions and this time was no exception.
Heading up we had the infectiously energetic Erwin Schmidt from B-Synergy talking about Agile SAP and how, after 2 years of intensive investigation, the Agile Platform was the only solution that allowed him to create user-friendly applications over the SAP Enterprise Core quickly and sanely.
Next up, was none other than our own Rodrigo Coutinho, main poster on this very blog, OutSystems employee #1 and all around nice guy. Rodrigo did a great presentation on Mobile Development on 6.0 and, if you attended one of last week’s webinar on the subject, you already know how knowledgeable he is on this matter. Great stuff all around, as is par for the course for all of Rodrigo’s presentations.
Closing the presentation track we had the Oxxio‘s Matthias Preuter and Wim van den Brink, both staunch OutSystems advocates, who tag teamed to present us the challenges they faced when developing their first 6.0 project: a Version Management solution. This project makes heavy use of the Agile Platform’s Business Process Technology and allows formal OutSystems application dependency “locking” and publication to other staging environments. It is still work in progress, but it beautifully showcases our user’s ingenuity in extending the Agile Platform’s workflow outside what’s in the box.
We wrapped up the event with more informal group chats on the Platform and the meaning of life in general. We could tell you a bit more about both things, but we think it’s better if you join us next time around! To all that attended, thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoyed yourselves. We @ OutSystems certainly did!


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Miguel Melo

A former professional game coder and aspiring musician, Miguel's interests stretch from pure software engineering to the entertainment industry. When he's not watching a movie or playing a videogame, he’s thinking how he would improve them or create better ones.


Kilian Hekhuis

“where suit and ties give way to t-shirts and jeans” – hey, speak for yourself! :))

Paulo Tavares

Great stuff, I’m happy to know that it went great. And you even had “pastéis de nata”! I see the munchies are getting more refined 🙂

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