Business Analysts in Agile: Love’em or Hate’em?

I got to listen to a replay of the “CIO Power Panel” from NextStep 2012 recently, and found a gold nugget around the role of Business Analysts in an Agile development approach.CIO Power Panel The panel was moderated by OutSystems CEO Paulo Rosado and had CxOs from four different companies chiming in on how agile works in their shops and the impact of business analysts on their processes.

From ‘Catarinas’ to huge project failures, this was a colorful debate. So if you are wondering how to make agile work in your enterprise application development process, take 15 minutes to listen to this snippet from the discussion. You can hear the 15 minute segment here.

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Those 15 minutes are worth it. Listening to the discussion has made it clearer for me regarding how I can use agile in my business. Having a startup business can be challenging especially if you don’t know which concepts to include in your business outlook.

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