These days, it seems like every business - from banks to airlines to insurance companies - has a custom mobile app or two. What you’re probably wondering is: Should yours? Is it worth the money, time and manpower? How much of an impact could one mobile app have on your business, anyway?

The short answer is: an enormous impact - provided you tackle the right problem and solve it the right way. Having delivered professional services for many years at OutSystems, I’ve seen some incredible business transformations happen thanks to a single, well-designed mobile app.

The right mobile app really does have the power to transform your business - and you’d be surprised how fast you can get one custom-built to fit your existing IT. Based on our experience helping companies deliver amazing apps, we have identified nine apps that are crucial to helping companies quickly make the move to mobile.

We wanted to share this information, so we created this infographic to help spark ideas and get you started delivering mobile apps. Please share your app ideas in the comments section below.

9 Essential Mobile Apps

Find out how fast, easy and affordable it is to get the mobile apps your business needs.

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