People and Culture

What makes life at OutSystems so unique? What are our secrets to a successful culture? Find the answers to those questions and more here.


Breaking Through Barriers: How We OutPerformed Ourselves

OutSystems is growing fast in every direction. We have become increasingly global and distributed but there's no reason we can't be unified. So, we've designed a new performance model to clear any hurdles and outperform ourselves. From the name to the methodology, this article explains it all.

The Culture Book - Part 1: The Ask Why Rule

Why is "Ask Why" the #1 rule in the Small Book of a Few Big Rules? And what is it? Digital Strategist Carlos Sousa explains in this second installment of this series about the book that rules us all at OutSystems.

Behind the OutSystems Keyboard: Pedro Alves

Five years ago, support was seven people, and I had my first solo night shift. It was a lot of responsibility, but also a great teacher. Today, my job is managing a 50-person team and working with R&D to improve our product. I’m Pedro Alves, and here’s my OutSystems story.

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