People and Culture

What makes life at OutSystems so unique? What are our secrets to a successful culture? Find the answers to those questions and more here.


The Culture Book - Part 2: The Small Crisis Rule

How can you avoid a big crisis? Look for the telltale signs early and deal with them then. In our continuing series about the Small Book of 7 Big Rules, Solution Architect Director Daniel Lourenço shares his experience with the "small crisis" rule.

Breaking Through Barriers: How We OutPerformed Ourselves

OutSystems is growing fast in every direction. We have become increasingly global and distributed but there's no reason we can't be unified. So, we've designed a new performance model to clear any hurdles and outperform ourselves. From the name to the methodology, this article explains it all.

Behind the OutSystems Keyboard: Natalia Błaszczyk

As a graphic designer, after leaving an agency position, an internship at OutSystems kept me in Portugal. Years later, joining the UX design team allowed me to pivot to something more challenging than creating pretty product-selling images. I’m Natalia Błaszczyk, and here’s my story.