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PEACE Out: A Leading Insurer Cuts Development Time from 6 Months to 21 Days to Help Victims of Terrorist Attacks

Terrorist attacks frequently claim innocent lives and damage property. FWD Philippines (FWD PH), a leading insurer in the Philippines, realized this clear and present danger. As a result, it decided to offer its customers a digital product that provides financial coverage for victims of terrorist attacks. The challenge? Drastically shorter development time.


Lessons from the Trenches: Practical Advice for Replacing or Enhancing Lotus Notes Applications

Find out what two executives learned while migrating Lotus Notes to modern apps built using the OutSystems low-code platform.

As Head of Enterprise Business Systems at Surbana Jurong, a Singapore-based infrastructure and urban development consulting company, Aravind Kumar had an ambitious agenda. Replace more than 50 legacy Lotus Notes applications that his company had used for over a decade as part of improving operations. Using the OutSystems low-code platform to build better applications was a key part of meeting that goal. Yet, to pull it off he faced an unexpected challenge.


Introducing Sapphire, the Hospital Management System Built with OutSystems

We did something great at ATC. Something innovative. Something, almost unheard of. We took the bull by the horns, and we beat it to the ground. We fought our way through hell... and back. And we did it, I must add, impressively well. We created Sapphire, possibly the world's first, dare I say, and only, cloud-ready hospital management system.

BIT by BIT: Organizing a Hackathon to Launch Digital Transformation

About a year ago, OutSystems CEO Paulo Rosado said we were witnessing a turning point in the market, where demands for digital transformation were at the epicenter. A year later, the digital Darwinism is settled. But in this case, the survivors are not the strongest, but the best adaptable to change.

How Low-Code Scales an App to Handle 20,000,000 Mobile Banking Users

Here at OutSystems, we often get asked about how low-code rapid application development platforms can scale. While we know low-code scales well because we have hundreds of customers running applications that are serving millions of users on our platform, we decided to set out and demonstrate just how scalable low-code can be. So, we set up a benchmark to test our low-code platform under varying levels of load from simulated users.

Mobile App Helps OutSystems Employees Run for a Greater Cause

OutSystems launched a challenge to its employees: to walk, run or cycle 5,000 kilometers by January 6. The goal? Well, it was the holiday season, the time to give back to the community. And what better way to do it than through a mobile app that helped those in need, and also helped us get healthier in the process?

A Custom Physician Portal: Why OutSystems Low-Code Platform Is the Cure

When US Acute Care Solutions (USACS) wanted to replace its legacy physician portal, it looked to OutSystems for help building a new physician portal. USACS is the nation’s leading physician-owned provider of integrated acute care. One of the company’s top priorities was to ensure that its new portal was much more collaborative, allowing physicians to complete more of their work outside of the emergency room. (more…)


An App for the Elves: Santa Goes Low-Code with OutSystems

Santa needed an app for his elves. Every December, thousands of letters addressed to Santa arrive at post offices all over the world as eager children share their wish lists. But what is magical for a child can be a nightmare for the mailman. 

There had to be a way to help Santa’s little helpers. (No, not the North Pole elves; that’s a different story.) It was his earthly assistants at the post office who struggled to make sure every child received a prompt reply from the man in the red suit.   (more…)

What Happens When a Low-Code Platform Meets Battleships?

Do you remember playing Battleship? It’s the game where you try to track and sink your opponent's ships before they manage to do the same to you. It was a lot of fun and made the task of coordinating a navy look easy. In reality, managing a navy and all of its assets — vessels, aircraft and munitions, not to mention all of the personnel associated with operating and maintaining those assets — is a huge undertaking.

Americares Builds Mobile App to Deliver Aid to Disaster Areas

Did you know that Hurricane Matthew left more than a million people in Haiti in need of aid after the storm’s devastating destruction? Fortunately, Americares is there to help. When disasters like Hurricane Matthew strike, Americares sends in emergency response teams to work with local partners. These partners are best placed to distribute the medicine and other supplies to the people who need them most.