CEO’s DO care about IT

Michael Krigsman recently asked the questions “Do CEO’s *really* care about IT?” and reviewed a panel discussion by CEO’s from tech companies talking about the issues of Business-IT alignment. He says, after listening to that discussion “it appears little progress has made been in addressing this issue.”

I would love to have heard the discussion between CEO’s of non-tech companies to see if their views differed – my guess is if they were honest they would agree with Champy that “CEOs don’t pay attention to technology unless something breaks down.”

Having said that, I have met many progressive CEO’s who realize that their business can grow and thrive as a direct result of their investment in IT.

On the issue of Business-IT alignment, this is one of the fundamental reasons why we have championed Agile as a methodology for application development. It’s not just the latest trend in IT, but at its very core is about solving the issue of non-alignment and its down-sides with which we are all familiar. Agile requires massive cultural change from both Business and IT – but if embraced, we have seen HUGE changes in the value delivered by IT, the on-going relationship between Business and IT, and most importantly – tangible and repeatable value delivered to aid competitiveness and growth of businesses. The presentations by customers and partners on their Agile case studies (at our recent customer conference in Lisbon) is a testament to this potential for success.

So – yes, I second Michael’s call for CEO’s to publicly proclaim Business-IT integration as a strategic priority – especially if they want to stay ahead of the curve!

How well aligned is your IT with the business and is IT on your CEO’s radar?

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Mike Jones

Mike is a professed 'hater' of complexity. He has been in the IT industry since the mid 80's where he learned his technical skills at EDS and Texas Instruments. He believes there is a simpler way for IT professionals to deliver business value that requires a pragmatic mix of agile methods and application development tools.

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