SAP customers can finally breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to digitizing the increasingly mobile customer journey. Our new enterprise edition of OutSystems for SAP enables organizations to quickly and easily build advanced, end-to-end applications that make the most of your custom SAP implementation and that run across all devices and screens - including web.

For decades, organizations have been trying to bend SAP to the will of the business, resulting in broken upgrade paths and an increasingly complex mess of custom code. This was generally done with ABAP programming, a skill that most mobile developers don’t possess - and likely don’t want to. This means that if I want to create a modern custom mobile app on top of SAP, I have a skills gap and life just got really painful. There have been plenty of tools tossed into the market over time to try and bridge this gap, but no holistic solution.

It’s no secret that the increasing demand for mobile applications and the resulting need to design powerful new digital experiences for all users are forcing companies to find better and faster ways of adapting SAP to new mobile customer journeys. OutSystems sees this shift as a good problem to have, as our primary goals are to embrace new trends, advocate for innovation, and maximize the productivity and value of enterprise apps for mobile users, given the massive growth of mobile devices.

Enter the New Enterprise Edition - OutSystems for SAP!

IT shops are continually challenged with finding new and more efficient ways to develop, deploy and manage applications. In our view, the chaos that modern mobile technology brings to IT, and in particular to SAP shops, is astounding and is creating an unnecessary burden for companies.

OutSystems Platform and SAP

OutSystems has helped our customers with their application velocity and access demands time and again. And, we integrate seamlessly with various disparate systems. Specifically, the tight integration between OutSystems Platform and SAP allows organizations to retain the major benefits of SAP, while still delivering sophisticated applications with great user experiences.

OutSystems has successfully supported SAP customers in the past and our new edition is optimized for even greater benefits. These include:

  • Rapid development for SAP:  Deliver complex enterprise applications that use SAP data six times faster than hand coding.
  • Beautiful, purpose-built interfaces:  Create applications on top of SAP that can be deployed on any device.
  • Rapid integration:  Integrate all of your existing systems, including your custom SAP, no matter how complex.
  • Trusted capabilities:  Inherit what matters from SAP—security, governance, transactional integrity, and scalability.

    Thus, SAP customers take heed: it really doesn’t have to be that hard anymore! See what OutSystems customers have to say about OutSystems for SAP, visit: