When US Acute Care Solutions (USACS) wanted to replace its legacy physician portal, it looked to OutSystems for help building a new physician portal. USACS is the nation's leading physician-owned provider of integrated acute care. One of the company’s top priorities was to ensure that its new portal was much more collaborative, allowing physicians to complete more of their work outside of the emergency room.

Five months later, USACS had a built new, collaborative portal called The Central Line. The new portal brought needed collaboration to the organization at a time of rapid industry consolidation. It also generated more than a million dollars in annual cost savings.

Why OutSystems Is the Only Low-code Platform for David Peppard, CTO

In the video below, David Peppard, CTO and Enterprise Architect at USACS, talks about some of the challenges he faced and his impressions of working with OutSystems. He discusses his desire to see the company’s software developers spend more of their time integrating with the business and how his team develops applications for various business partners. Partnering with OutSystems has made it possible for the IT team to do more with the same number of people.



Peppard also describes how OutSystems gives USACS the confidence to rapidly develop and iterate code with the governance, compliance and controls they need. They know that what they’re deploying is not only safe and secure, but also ready to withstand any audit. According to Peppard, no other vendor can do what OutSystems does.

An Award-winning Physician Portal

USACS was recently recognized with a 2016 OutSystems Innovation Award for the project, where it was honored with the Collaboration Award.

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