Delivering Complex Systems with OutSystems – a Factoring Solution

Track 2 started with a great presentation by Pedro Gama, Account Manager of Glintt. The presentation focused on how Glintt used the OutSystems platform to deliver a factoring solution to Finanfarma, a Portuguese Factoring society created by ANF. (If you want more information about factoring, the Wikipedia is a good place to start)



Pedro began by handing the mic to Fernando Malosso, responsible for the commercial area of Finanfarma. There’s nothing better than having the client talking for you! Fernando did an introduction to the challenges and complexity of the factoring business, stating that IT agility was paramount. As Fernando put it “each case has its own nuances”.

Pedro returned to the podium and explained the major challenges Glintt faced for this project:


  • Short time to market
  • Very dynamic and heterogeneous business model
  • The needed to quickly integrate with other systems
  • The ability to perform complex financial calculations


Glintt ended up delivering a very sophisticated solution, totally implemented in OutSystems. The numbers speak for themselves: 12 applications, over 100 web screens, more that 150 database entities, and a lot of very complex business logic was implemented to support this solution.

According to Pedro, the project had an initial estimate of 3 years with 6 consultants, assuming the use of traditional technologies. By using the OutSystems Agile Platform, the project was done in 1 and a half years, with only 2 consultants! One key point that Pedro mention is that this was only possible because of Finanfarma’s strong commitment!

For wrap-up, Pedro Gama mentioned that the use of the OutSystems Platform simplified the implementation of the complex business logic, provided a way to quickly respond to business changes, displayed good performance when dealing with large volumes of data, and addressed continuous change in a very efficient and cost effective way.

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