Digital Tipping Point – Why You Should Care About the Latest News from Forrester, Gartner, and SIIA (CODiE Awards)


We’ve reached a digital tipping point.

Last week, the 2016 CODiE Awards were announced. Of course we’re thrilled to win the Best Mobile Development Solution award, because it recognizes the craftsmanship of our hundreds of engineers as well as the innovative customers who have inspired us. Who doesn’t like a nice trophy?

But there’s something much bigger brewing. The CODiEs, the latest Forrester Wave on low-code development platforms, and the upcoming Gartner research on mobile development platforms are all pointing to one big thing.  

We’re witnessing a turning point in the market – one where the demands for digital transformation in the enterprise have far exceeded the capacity of IT teams to deliver. The only option is to re-think, re-tool and re-engineer how technology gets delivered.

Why now? Although we’ve seen elements of this change in small pockets around the globe, we’re now seeing a perfect storm of three big themes:

  • Mobile development is crippling – Building and delivering enterprise-grade mobile apps requires a complex set of technical skills and is an exercise in extreme change.
  • Expectations from business are accelerating – Disruptors are lurking around every corner and every company faces the threat of being Uberized.
  • IT is hitting the productivity wall – Traditional tools and methodologies fall short in today’s digital era making the days of the big-bang software project dead.

Although these challenges can seem overwhelming, they are propelling innovative companies like AXA, Liberty, Prologis, Georgia Tech, ATC, and many more to embrace low-code platforms as a central part of their strategy… building complex enterprise apps and driving real results.  (You can check out some of the innovation awards from our latest customer conference here.)

Are you ready? The digital tipping point is here and for many of you, it’s a time to dig in and explore the trends and technologies fueling the next wave of digital transformation. To make things easier, we’ve compiled the “greatest hits” research from the last few months in one bundle we’re calling 5 Essential Digital Tipping Point Resources.


5 Essential Digital Point Resources



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Paulo Rosado

Paulo has led OutSystems from initial startup to international leader in cutting-edge approaches to delivering enterprise web and mobile applications. Besides his day job as CEO, he occasionally helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses and avoid obvious mistakes.


Spot on as always. And based on facts with a visionary window into the near future. At some point soon the productivity wall will be hit so hard that many companies will simply need to ditch their old ways in order to survive. And with OutSystems they will have the one and only solution to bounce back, survive first and then consolidate, grow and innovate. But there will be big losers too, namely those companies who still believe that agile, innovation and disruption are just buzzwords. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes, instead I’m delighted to be riding the OutSystems wave as an OutSystems Partner.

Gordon Russell

Hmm has anyone questioned what is driving the app obsession. I mean how much new business is app driven really. Its the old adage of 80/20 that majority of the money is with the 20% who as a demographic are older and less technology dependant. I look at my phone about 30 times a day I use about 4 apps only one of which is retail. I still use my laptop for the majority of my online purchases. I get that everyone wants funky and new but before a business tears it model apart they should really look at their customers and ensure that there is a real need. I have consulted at too many companies where they are implementing something new and cool to be seen to keep up rather than backed by a solid business case. Its like the music industry its spends all its money on appealing to a youth demographic who don’t actually buy music. Its like a supermarket chain marketing specifically to shoplifters. We have seen what that has done to that industry. I am not saying that the tipping point has not been reached. I am just saying that companies do have a choice to NOT ride the wave but to stay home. 3 years ago everyone was talking about BIG DATA but that bubble is about to burst, not because its not valid or useful, but because it has been over-utilized it was a buzzword and people tried to shoe horn it into every situation when it was not needed. BUSINESS CASE first and foremost. Anything else is just throwing stuff at the wall and hoping its Uber. Thats fine for a startup but its not going to cut it in an established enterprise.

I think you’re right on it, Gordon. Lean thinking insists that you establish true verifiable business value before you embark on any initiative. In the mobile-first hype cycle, I just don’t see many companies doing that.

Pramod Jain

We started with version 7 using 9 and waiting for 10,Every year a new version with lots of new capabilities and integrations.Continues innovation and improvement is the key makes you here and i hope this is going to be a never ending process to help us also grow with you. I’m delighted to be a member of the winning OutSystems team.

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