Efficiency 2.0 – Application Delivery in the Cloud

Carlos Alves, from OutSystems, kicked-off Track 2 afternoon sessions by talking about Application Delivery in the cloud. He got the audience excited right from the start, by stating that a new product offering would be announced.

He started by highlighting the cost, complexity, and lack of speed of application development and testing for large enterprises. Three major factors were highlighted as root causes for this problem:
  • Large workforce: lots of resources are needed to develop, manage and deploy applications
  • High Hardware Costs: ITs need to support lots of workload variations
  • Lengthy Cycle Times: The time it takes from idea to production is too large
This leads to slow time-to-market of business critical applications… which in turn, Carlos noted, leads to projects being restarted, delayed, or even canceled.
Carlos moved on to highlight the things that make the Agile Platform a great match for cloud computing.
  • Custom Web 2.0 applications: Custom CRM, workflows, intranets, and so on, are currently being built with the platform
  • PaaS architecture by design: The Agile Platform was built as a Platform-as-a-Service from day one
  • Automated Application Deployment: UI, logic and data are published with a single click to a centralized server
  • Centralized test areas and visual debugging: providing the tools developers need to build applications right in the cloud
  • Continuous integration for distributed teams: giving developers tools for configuration management and version control
  • Designed for highly scalable applications: As an example, Fly.com is running over OutSystems, and standing a large number of worldwide searches per second
All these features make an ideal match for cloud computing!
Carlos then started explaining how this works. In a nutshell, the OutSystems platform will run over Amazon Web Services, using the servers and software Amazon provides. This configuration was already used in a distributed team environment and was a huge success! The team included 5 developers in the US and 4 in Portugal.
From an efficiency point of you, using the Platform on the cloud lead to 1.4 times faster publishing times, and about the same time to access the web pages. Carlos warned that the test was a bit unfair, in the sense that the Amazon machines were a bit more powerful, but the point is that huge hardware is cheaper on the cloud!
Carlos then highlighted the advantages of using Amazon hardware, and crossed it with the Agile Platform benefits. All things added, you get:
  • Intant setup
  • Pay-per-hour
  • High end hardware configuration
  • Windows and SQL Server
Carlos then made a huge announcement! You can get all this, for development purposes, for only $0.99 per hour! All expenses included! Both hardware, and software.
Carlos then handed the stage to Rodrigo Castelo, also from OutSystems, to show the audience how this works.
Rodrigo showed that, by following some very simple instructions made available when you purchase the platform from Amazon, you can have a development environment totally configured in 2 minutes! Amazon then takes about 10 to 15 minutes to have the instance running, but at that point you have a full fledge development environment ready for use! A huge applause from the audience!
The presentation moved back to Carlos, and he explained some of the advantages of this solution:
  • Distributed workforce: to develop, test and deploy your applications
  • Flexible Cost Structures: to support different workloads on different times
  • Instant Provisioning: go from idea to start of development in 17 minutes! No more 3 week waiting period for a new machine!
The audience was really excited with this new offer, and a great Q&A session followed. In it, Carlos further disclosed that the OutSystems Platform was also tested and runs in GoGrid, and he invited the audience to pre-register for the cloud offering.


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