This article was originally posted on LinkedIn Pulse on December 15, 2015.


The world is changing at a fast pace and generating more information than ever before, so we want our clients to keep up, in order to take the lead and overcome the challenges that present to our organizations everyday.

We believe that in a company daily activity, there is a tremendous amount of information that gets lost in data silos, not being integrated with the corporate systems, and it means that ultimately there is an opportunity to take advantage of that information in order to optimize costs, generate more revenues and discover new insights that can lead to optimization and maximization in areas that never been in our radar.

Deloitte adopted OutSystems as a platform to build engaging business solutions as we recognized it’s ability to accomplish great results with lower costs and great value added to our customers by:

  • Extend corporate solutions, such as ERP, SRM, CRM or others, in a user/client driven approach, taking advantage of the core and mature processes that these corporate solutions provide;
  • Building high complexity solutions (B2B, B2C or B2E) to solve our customers business problems;
  • Innovating by creating engaging and inventive solutions to close the gap between the business operation and the enterprise systems;
  • Taking advantage of our team greatest asset: it’s multidisciplinary industry know-how and flexible technical skills;
  • Delivering easy to use and easy to maintain applications seamlessly integrated with the enterprise systems such as SAP.

At Deloitte, we have been building a track record of successful implementations of applications to address our costumers business issues, in a fast, innovative adaptive and engaging way, connecting the operation world with the corporate systems, allowing them to bypass the need of back office teams to produce structured information, as it is coming directly from the field.

Along the way our customers are understanding the value of having motivated people using engaging apps, in order to provide them more actionable information. If this seems to be unreachable as it would be expensive to invest in technology to allow this, today with platforms like OutSystems we can deploy high complexity solutions in a matter of weeks, that can be used in several types of devices without any additional effort needed, or integrated with corporate systems like SAP with great simplicity, reducing the technological complexity, allowing us to focus on our client’s business issues, rather than on technical ones.