Extending Core Systems in a SOA Environment

The “Agile Delivery Experiences” track was kicked off by Rosa Mimoso, Director of Global & Support Systems of Caixa Seguros.  Rosa shared how Caixa Seguros e Saude,Portugal’s largest insurance group used Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and OutSystems Agile technologies to address their extremely large and complex business and technology environment (millions of customers & claims, 4 companies, 5 brands and hundreds of legacy apps.)  

caixaseguros.jpgRosa told the audience how they decided to break up their complex environment into 3 layers – Front-end, Services and Core Systems. They used the Agile Platform to enable their channel portals for customers and brokers. This was supported by existing services in the SOA architecture. OutSystems’ Agile Platform is also exposing reusable services to other applications in their environment.

Rosa described the benefits that SOA & Agile brought to Caixa Seguros e Saude:

– A single point of access for all solutions
– Formally documented services supported by WSDL
– Real time control: centralized logs & reporting; performance indicators and alerts.
– Simplified management of multi-channel configurations, dynamic content and a common security model
– Faster component upgrade
– Simplified B2B Integration

Rosa wrapped up her presentations with the Caixa Seguros e Saude team’s 5 key findings:

1.The systems in different layers need to be able to evolve at different speeds.
2.Integration needs to be independent from system evolution
3.New systems need to be introduced smoothly and without disruptions
4.This approach requires a paradigm shift in the core systems classification
5.Technology needs to allow Business and IT to be aligned.


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