Forbes Says OutSystems Is a Top 6 Cloud Computing Company to Work for According to Employees

One of the great perks of this job is having our customers tell me how much they like our product and services. It’s an amazing feeling. Knowing that our people recommend OutSystems as a top place to work gives me no lesser feeling.

OutSystems is such a unique place to work because of the smart and innovative people who’ve made it their home. They are among the best talent in the industry and they help shape our powerful corporate culture. Check out the top dozen or so companies on this Forbes list. I’m proud to be among them.


The Forbes article, The Best Cloud Computing Companies And CEOs To Work For In 2016, can be found here.



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Paulo Rosado

Paulo has led OutSystems from initial startup to international leader in cutting-edge approaches to delivering enterprise web and mobile applications. Besides his day job as CEO, he occasionally helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses and avoid obvious mistakes.

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