Rymer Answers: The Future of Enterprise Apps

A few weeks back, we introduced you to a Social Consulting Experiment that we were conducting with Forrester Research‘s John Rymer. We launched a new web page and invited anyone who wanted to submit a question for Rymer on the topic of “The Future of Enterprise Applications.” We called it an “experiment” because, when we launched it we weren’t sure how it would turn out – we didn’t know how many people would submit questions, or what the response would be on sites like Twitter.


Fast forward a couple weeks, and we’re happy to report that our Social Consulting Experiment was a mega-success! More than 60 people submitted questions, proving that there is a lot we need to sort out with regard to the future of enterprise applications, and dozens upon dozens of folks chimed in via Twitter using the #AskRymer hashtag.

John Rymer has sorted through all of the questions we received, and he selected the nine he thought best spoke to the future of enterprise applications. We caught up with him during the Forrester IT Forum and got his responses on video. Here is a recap of the questions Rymer answered:

  • What will be the impact of fully web-enabled mobile devices and touch-devices on Enterprise application development?
  • How prevalent do you see the use of BPM and ETL tools as opposed to corporations utilizing in-house developed processes to integrate applications or services for SOA? Where do you see the market trend headed in today’s economy?
  • How do we deal with our existing application portfolio?
  • What percentage of future apps will be developed using agile technologies? Applicability of Agile to large scale enterprise apps?
  • Will Enterprise Applications be hosted in the Cloud or on premise – what’s the selection criteria? What’s next after the Cloud?
  • Will the next generation of Enterprise apps (both built and bought) be disposable?
  • Do you think Enterprise Applications will work like internal social networks for companies?
  • What are the key upcoming innovations that will change the face of enterprise applications?
  • Will agile organizations with agile tool kits be able to surpass COTS vendors in delivering on-target business applications?

Askrymer LP2.jpgTo see his answers to these questions, check out this page. We’re excited to have had an opportunity to facilitate this conversation on the future of enterprise applications, and hope you’ve found it useful as well.

Let’s continue the conversation about the future of enterprise applications here on this blog. What do you think? Do you have any lingering questions that we weren’t able to answer during this experiment?

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