Heroes or Villains? How IT Sees Citizen Developers

With more companies engaging non-IT staff to develop apps, we commissioned TechValidate, a third-party research organization, to investigate this important growing trend. The results are in and are available now.

We will continue to explore how Citizen Developers are contributing to the app dev business, and how this movement affects IT. Meanwhile, please share with us your best Citizen Developer experiences in the comments below.

How IT Sees Citizen Developers - Download Report

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Ann Conrad

A passionate communications junkie, Ann is focused on telling the world about the amazing success companies are having with OutSystems and rapid application delivery platforms. Across her 20 years in software marketing and public relations, Ann has seen the communications landscape change dramatically. With a vast array of new communication channels available, Ann is embracing social and digital channels as a way to amplify how a rapid application delivery approach can help companies get to digital business fast.


Kilian Hekhuis

“Citizen Developers” could better be called “Amateur Developers” and should be every organisation’s nightmare. It’s very similar to the myriad of Access and Excel apps developed by handy co-workers, that nobody knows how they work and nobody knows what business processes they support. I once had a group of collegues tasked with maintaining over a 1000(!) Lotus Notes apps created by “Citizen Developers” at the HQ of a large retail company. I’m not sure he slept well at night.

Steve Boronski

I understand Kilian’s comment and sentiment but everyone is provided with these tools to develop what we want when we want, are you suggesting that people not be authorised to use the tools IT provides them with just because we be asked to look after them afterwards?
I also know of many “professionally” developed systems that are equally difficult to maintain because the code was a mess and zero documentation

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