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Native vs Web vs Hybrid: Which Mobile Architecture is Right for Your App?

Picking the right mobile architecture for your apps can amount to a million dollar decision. And there isn’t a one-size-fits-all architecture to solve all mobile problems.

Based on our years of experience helping our enterprise customers deliver mobile applications, our team of mobile app experts have compiled a guide to help you select the right mobile architecture. The guide includes a decision tree and a set of simple instructions that help explain the benefits and tradeoffs of each type of mobile approach.

We thought everyone could benefit from this expertise, so we are sharing it with our community in the form of the infographic below (and a companion eBook here).

In exchange, please share your experience with the decision tree in the comments section below!

The Definitive Guide to Choosing Your Enterprise Mobile Application Architecture: Native vs Web vs Hybrid



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Rodrigo Coutinho

A member of the founder’s team, Rodrigo has a passion for web development, great products, and geeky stuff. He spends his time designing future versions of the OutSystems Platform and dreaming about the cool future of the web.


Vinod Sharma

Hi Rodrigo,
Could you please explain the difference in the Hybrid Mixed, Hybrid Web and packaged Hybrid, this is a lot confusing. Why cant we simply have three variant as Native, Mobile Web and Hybrid instead? i feel this would simplify the whole thing.

Vinod Sharma

Sunil Sheth

Hi Rodrigo,

thank you for posting this infographic
it helped me to understand different types of app

can you please elaborate on difference between Hybrid Mixed and Hybrid Web

Joao Cabrita

Very readable and concise document, congratulations Rodrigo.

Really towards Occam’s razor on the Application Architecture decision to the core elements that drive the technology decisions.

Would also note that there are a few other aspects of Enterprise Architecture that may be worth considering when during technology assessment:
– Company Device and Security policies required (BYOD vs specific set of devices)
– Audience of Application (Employees vs External)

Best Regards,

Very Comprehensive. Thanks for posting! 🙂

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