IDC Recognizes OutSystems as a Leading Application Platform

Respected analyst firms like IDC have model-driven application platforms on their radar. Why? Because high-productivity application platforms like OutSystems are fundamentally changing the way IT approaches delivering innovative business solutions, like mobile and customer-facing applications.

IDC logo - IDC gives the OutSystems application platform two enthusiastic thumbs upIn a recent vendor profile, IDC analyzes OutSystems technology, competitive edge, and market potential to help you decide if our platform is the right choice for your organization’s application development needs. Here are a few of the report’s highlights:

  • OutSystems technology is a differentiator in the world of model-driven application platforms because it translates the application into Java and .NET while retaining the productivity and agility advantages associated with model-driven development environments. This approach allows developers skilled in these languages and runtimes to use familiar IDEs and leverage the existing portfolios of libraries and components available for these large ecosystems.
  • Unlike most model-driven 4GL-like development environments, OutSystems supports deployment capabilities and rollback features suited for continuous delivery projects that are increasingly dominating IT investment today. These features empower DevOps approaches currently making inroads in enterprise IT.
  • The robust deployment support capabilities we’ve honed with on-premises customers will prove beneficial to platform as a service (PaaS) customers.
  • Because OutSystems allows developers to incorporate existing code within their visual models, “it can be seen as more strategically safe than many alternatives on the market.”
  • With support for Java and C# on the back end and JavaScript and HTML5 on the front end, OutSystems platform is useful for Web development and enterprise mobile application development.

We are pleased that IDC recognizes the many benefits OutSystems delivers. If you’d like to learn more, we encourage you to download IDC’s complete report.

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