InfoWorld ranks web development tools: Agile Platform gets highest rating “very good”

Earlier this week InfoWorld delivered its findings after reviewing multiple web development tools.  They looked across five key areas to compile the score; Ease of Development, Extensibility, Portability, Documentation and Value.  The products reviewed were Alpha Five Version 10, Iron Speed Designer 6.2.1, Visual LANSA for the Web 11.5, OutSystems Agile Platform 5.0, and MLstate OPA S2 Beta.

Needless to say I was very happy (but not really surprised) to see that the Agile Platform’s Service Studio performed top of class.

infoworld scorecard.jpgNow, if we can just get InfoWorld to do a review of the full life cycle aspect of delivering and maintaining a web application – that would change the landscape of the review considerably and I know we would rock again.

Everyone who is a fan of the Agile Platform please take a minute to go and share your experience with the InfoWorld readers!


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Mike Jones

Mike is a professed 'hater' of complexity. He has been in the IT industry since the mid 80's where he learned his technical skills at EDS and Texas Instruments. He believes there is a simpler way for IT professionals to deliver business value that requires a pragmatic mix of agile methods and application development tools.

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