Is the Custom App Dead?

OutSystems’ own VP Marketing, Mike Jones, recently wrote an article in Dr. Dobb’s on the “death” of custom applications in theenterprise world – and it seems to have caused a bit of a debate – both in comments on the article and in an off-shoot blog post on the same subject.


The supposed killer?  Software packages.  But are custom apps really dead? Mike’s take is that while software packages were once considered the silver bullet of enterprise IT, this is no longer the case.  Agile development practice, coupled with a strong delivery platform, has pushed custom development back on par with off-the-shelf solutions and, in some cases, has made custom apps a better choice than their boxed counterparts.

  • Read Mike’s original article in Dr. Dobbs and the reader comments.
  • Also, check out the blog post by Ann All of IT Business Edge, and the question she poses; “will Agile development bring back custom software?”

What’s your experience with custom applications versus packaged software?  Do you agree with Mike? Join the conversation!

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