ITIL over OutSystems – Excellence and Agility for Turismo de Portugal

Hugo Sousa, IT Director of Turismo de Portugal, started out by sharing with the audience his commitment to the business goals of Turismo de Portugal. For that, he showed us his project goals:

  • Measure and get 90% satisfaction
  • People are all that matters
  • Do IT better

This is a very important change in IT, where usually the metrics are measured in bandwidth and server uptime!


Hugo pointed out that to do this IT Governance was a must. But because the rules can change and need to be adapted, Hugo stated that what he really needed was Agile IT Governance. After looking at several pre-packaged solutions, Turismo de Portugal picked OutSystems because it was the technology that could provide the necessary flexibility to implement IT rules in a simple and agile way.

By using OutSystems technology and implementing with INOV a centralized help desk system, Turismo de Portugal not only surpassed the 90% satisfaction mark, but was also able to gather data on the submitted incidents and have real time visibility on SLAs and satisfaction status.

Hugo highlighted 3 reasons why Turismo de Portugal picked OutSystems:

  • What you need is what you get
  • Change is the only constant
  • Technology is not the most important thing. People are.

Turismo de Portugal plans to continue using OutSystems to expand their solution to support change management and financial management, and also other important projects not only related to Service-Desk (ITIL).

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