Justin James’ Developer Diary: The Final Chapter

Like all good things, Justin James’ Developer Diary series has finally come to an end – a happy one at that!  Justin successfully used the Agile Platform to bring his Rat Catcher application from idea to fully-fledged application.  During the last few months he learned the platform, overcame the challenges of scarce resources, infrastructure, etc to deliver his application.


In his final entry, Justin explains how he used the Agile Platform to retrofit some aspects of his application, specifically moving his layout from tables to CSS.  He also gives us his thoughts around the new Agile Platform 5.1 as well as the lessons he learned using our platform.
I encourage you to check it out, along with the rest of the series below:
  • Developer Diary #1 – Justin goes over his initial impressions of the Agile Platform and what, at first glance, stands out to him.
  • Developer Diary #2 – In this post, Justin breaks down how to build a basic application in the Agile Platform, profiling his initial “Hello World” app he built specifically to test the environment out.
  • Developer Diary #3 – Service Studio takes center stage in this post, where Justin explains the nuances of the Agile Platform’s unique IDE.
  • Developer Diary #4 – Next up, Justin examines the Agile Platform’s Integration Studio, OutSystems’ tool to tie the Agile Platform into external code.
  • Developer Diary #5 – With Rat Catcher at a functional level, Justin looks at how he used the Agile Platform to deploy the application.
  • Developer Diary #6 – As Rat Catcher’s beta continues, feedback starts to roll in using the Agile Platform’s Embedded Change Technology (ECT). In his sixth entry, Justin discusses how to set up this great feedback tool for your own applications.
  • Developer Diary #7 – Given the importance of scheduled tasks in Web applications today, including Justin’s Rat Catcher, this post maps out the Agile Platform’s Timers feature.
  • Developer Diary #8 – What’s a Web application without AJAX? In this post, Justin checks out the AJAX functionality of the Agile Platform.
  • Developer Diary #9 – In his second to last post, Justin examines what Agile Platform features help you address the security of your applications.


Have you used the Agile Platform? How do you relate to Justin’s experience?
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A member of the founder’s team, Rodrigo has a passion for web development, great products, and geeky stuff. He spends his time designing future versions of the OutSystems Platform and dreaming about the cool future of the web.


Tom Hubbard

The link for Developer Diary #3 is wrong.

Thanks for the warning Tom!
I’ve updated the blog entry, and the link should be ok now. Here’s the link, for your reference:

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