Making Public Services Agile through Process Automation

The last session of track 1 was presented by OutSystems Partner Normatica, represented by Alexandre Mano, and OutSystems Customer Dr. Marcelo Mendonça de Carvalho of Gabinete do Secretário de Estado Adjunto da Administração Local.

Alexandre introduced the RJUE Project (Regime Jurídico da Urbanização e Edificação) and gave the floor to Dr. Marcelo de Carvalho who started his presentation by explaining the new legislation and the Simplex program that prompted the creation of the new municipal portal. The simplification of the legislation and the bet on new technologies that the Portuguese government is undertaking led DGAL – Direcção Geral das Autarquias Locais to build a Project in two phases.


Dr Marcelo de Carvalho explained that the first phase of the Project, which automated the process from the perspective of the Town Halls, has been in production for some time in www.portalautarquico.pt and has already virtualized over 900 processes. The new phase of RJUE has just gone live and is going to automate the end-to-end process for people requesting construction permissions.

Focusing on the Agile practices, Dr Marcelo de Carvalho called the audience’s attention to the importance of using sprints in order to ensure visibility over what is being delivered and adjusting the prioritization of the new features to be implemented.

Alexandre Mano closed the presentation by reiterating the importance of the OutSystems Agile Platform and Methodology in the Project and expressed his eagerness to continue to promote new projects using this approach.

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