It seems like just a few months ago, but it was last year at the 2015 Midmarket CIO Forum when Mike Cahoon, VP and CIO at CP Kelco, first learned about OutSystems. Now, a year later at the award segment of the 2016 Midmarket CIO Forum, Mike was honored with the Award of Excellence in the Office category for his partnership with OutSystems. While not all OutSystems Platform customers are recognized in this way, each company that uses our Platform can empower itself to digitally transform its business.


Mike and his developer team at CP Kelco used OutSystems Platform to build their CAPEX application, which integrates with SAP, in just eight weeks. Their CAPEX app enables the company to accurately forecast spend and, in just the first few months of use, the app identified opportunities to add six unscheduled CAPEX projects to this year’s pipeline. CP Kelco reallocated unspent resources from its existing budget and improved CAPEX funding allocation by nearly 20 percent.

Companies, like CP Kelco, that continuously engage in capital-intensive CAPEX projects must rely on their forecasts when setting budgets and allocating funds. Any unspent funds, often as much as 30 percent of a project’s budget, go undetected either until the project is completed or until the end of the year. That’s why the ability to rapidly identify available funds and other resources is a huge asset, and why more and more organizations are developing apps with OutSystems Platform to accomplish business goals.

The Midmarket CIO Forum is an invitation-only conference attended by CIOs and other executives from the most prestigious mid-market companies in the country. Participants gain insight into industry trends, attend interactive boardroom sessions, make new connections and ask solution providers questions about technology focused on midmarket enterprises.

Congratulations to Mike and his team at CP Kelco. We’re proud of the work you’ve done.