Mobile Application Development Without Compromise

After a lot of irrational exuberance that led to a lot of chaos involving the development of mobile applications in the enterprise, more rational approaches to building these applications rapidly are finally starting to gain sway.

The majority of IT organizations initially approached mobile application development one application at a time. The reason for this has to do more with failing to realize how pervasive mobile computing would be across the enterprise. The end result has led to everything from low developer productivity to outright project failure. In fact, a recent survey of over 200 IT managers, conducted by Opinions Matter, found that nearly half admitted their organization was struggling to develop mobile applications.

To rectify this issue, enterprise IT organizations are starting to embrace a more platform-centric approach to developing mobile applications. These platforms typically allow developers to make use of any toolkit they want to access backend services and applications in a highly consistent manner. In addition to fostering the reuse of code and services across multiple mobile applications, they typically are integrated with a variety of mobile application and device management frameworks that serve to both secure mobile applications and reduce the total cost of managing them.

Ultimately, IT organizations want to be able to work from a single code base for every application to help keep their development costs to an absolute minimum. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that when appropriate they don’t want to be able to take advantage of a particular feature on any given mobile computing platform.


The good news is that as platform approaches to rapidly developing mobile computing applications continue to mature, developers no longer have to make compromises. Instead, they can continue to develop mobile applications using a single code base, while preserving the flexibility they need to optimize the attributes of that application as only they best can see fit.

The entire way mobile applications in the enterprise are developed is rapidly maturing. As a result, it’s also clear that organizations, which come to understand the importance of a platform-centric approach to developing those applications, will best realize the true value of a “Mobile First” enterprise.


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