We all know developers are the lifeblood of a software platform. This year OutSystems has made it a top priority to support our developers by providing more tools and resources to help them learn and become experts in our platform. Today, we are pleased to announce the first step in that direction - a new and improved home for our growing worldwide community. We have created a brand new community homepage, and we improved our developer forums by adding requested features to make life better for everyone using them.

We are really proud of this effort, mainly because it is a direct result of a strong collaboration between OutSystems and the members of the community. Developers told us that they wanted to see which forums they are following, filter questions to see unanswered ones, and mark a question as solved, among  other requests. We heard our developers loud and clear and made them a part of this solution. Our most active members have been beta testing this solution for a few weeks - finding bugs, providing feedback, and helping us serve everyone better.

We’ve started testing new ideas like the OutSystems Job Board, where companies can post their open job offers and be certain they will reach dedicated and qualified professionals.

2016 is the year of the OutSystems developer. And in case you missed it, during the past three months, we have already started six meetups, delivered four free training webinars, and hosted our first Developer Morning.

All this showcases the focus OutSystems is putting on developer enablement. We want developers to be able to grow, to have access to the latest platform information, and to find strong support. With stronger developers, companies can create stronger applications and more robust products.