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OutSystems Online Training 2.0 – More Options, More Expertise!

In the two years since we launched our free online training page, we’ve been paying attention to feedback from our developers and community members. So we’ve been working behind the scenes to enhance the online training experience and make it even easier to learn OutSystems Platform.

Here’s what’s new…

Different Training Offers for Different Needs

Getting up to speed fast with a new technology is critically important. For this reason, we have three different ways you can start learning with OutSystems Platform:

  • Online Training: Developers can get started right away and leverage the OutSystems community to share and learn. Online training is free.
  • New! Online Class: In this two-week class, developers can engage in a self-paced, instructor-assisted course. Online classes are free.
  • Developer Boot Camp: An intensive one-week, on-site training experience where developers learn through hands-on training.

Because we care about the OutSystems community and are proud of it, we improved the OutSystems online training experience. This way you can access awesome training materials when you need them, where you need them. And for free!

Introducing Multiple Courses

We know how important it is to have content that caters to novice OutSystems developers, but also helps you progress and become an expert. That’s why we’ve updated our online course curriculum.

The online training now features three courses:

  • OutSystems in an Hour: Create a mobile contacts app, and get the hang of OutSystems IDE.
  • Development Fundamentals: Learn the OutSystems Platform language fundamentals while building another app from scratch.
  • Mastering OutSystems: Find a wide range of advanced training materials, like CSS, Javascript, architecture and integrations.

OutSystems online training courses

Easy-to-Search Videos With Transcripts

You’ve asked for it, and we listened! Everybody was having trouble searching certain topics that were hidden inside the videos. With transcripts, you no longer need to watch the whole video to find the topic that interests you. Just jump directly to it!

outsystems online training with transcripts

Asking Questions Made Easy

We made it super easy to ask questions. You no longer need to scroll down to the end of the discussion thread to ask a question.

And now you can even reference a specific time frame when asking questions.

outsystems training post your questions

This Is Just the Start!

So what are you waiting for? Visit the training page.

This is only the beginning.  You can expect more changes in the months to come, as we’re planning to add more training materials, and improve the ones that are available right now. We’re also working on new features for the training pages that we think you’ll enjoy.

We hope you’re enjoying your OutSystems experience!

About the author

Joao Fernandes

Joao is a Senior Academy Engineer. His ultimate goal is to put himself out of work by collaborating with the development teams and helping improve OutSystems Platform so that it requires no training or documentation whatsoever. 
You can read his thoughts on training and documentation at joaofn.com.


Tiago Neves

Great development!
I specially like that “Mastering OutSystems”. Some of the folks in the community might not know about it but I’m pretty sure many would appreciate them – why not a forum post?
By the way, there could be more “advanced developer” and “support enginer” bootcamps…
I think there is more good content out there, but disperse, not easy to find.
This is me, pushing for more!
Good job. Congrats!

Hugo Leitão

OutSystems never ceases to overcame itself. Always looking for a way to make it better, easier and faster.

Keep going, you’re in the right track!!

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