OutSystems Platform 9 Amsterdam: RAD is Here to Stay

RAD tools have been plagued with a bad reputation, and in most cases, it’s well deserved. This market category is filled with incomplete offerings that are limited and don’t properly handle the requirements of large organizations. With this release of OutSystems Platform, we are reinforcing our position as the only RAD platform that addresses the needs of the enterprise in terms of governance, scalability and security without compromising rapid delivery.”

That quote is from our CEO, Paulo Rosado, in today’s Platform 9 Amsterdam press release. Let’s make no mistake, we believe that RAD is the future of app delivery. OutSystems has been focused on making an application platform that has what it takes to fit a wide range of use cases, from the single developer creating a few apps, to a complicated enterprise IT organization. We do this because we believe in the future of RAD and are frustrated by other market offerings that give the true capabilities of this approach a bad name or implied limited scope. Ones that create a “wall” users hit either in development or in their attempts to mature usage across the company.omnichannel-themes

We spend countless hours honing, refining, extending, and advancing the state of the art for rapid application delivery. We do this while ensuring that we have a solution that scales from the early moments of one app to the inevitable challenges of maturing to deliver full-fledged mission critical applications in complex scenarios – companies with many development teams, large application portfolios, and all the headaches and corner cases that come with it.

With OutSystems Platform 9 Amsterdam, we’ve introduced functional extensions in the product that focus on making it easier to adopt RAD platforms at scale. When we say scale, we mean both the applications themselves and platforms viability. Dozens of developers working on hundreds of apps requires a serious approach to portfolio governance. Policy federation, granular and flexible group security rules, enforcement of organizational architectural standards, auditing, and more are simply required to work in today’s enterprise.

Doing all of this without compromising our core principles of rapid delivery continues to be our focus and you will see a number of enhancements along these lines today:

  • Integrate Everything – allowing for separation of back-end and front end, or going full-stack
  • Omnichannel Experience – new modern responsive UI framework, with a RAD twist
  • Rapid Iteration – connecting with end users in interesting ways to capture feedback and increase adoption
  • Openness – expanded stack and platform support
  • Pre-built Acceleration – more template apps and connectors to kick-start customer delivery

We are quite proud to announce the immediate availability of OutSystems Platform 9 Amsterdam. Existing customers have access to download it for their on-premises installations, and our public cloud customers can contact us to begin their upgrade process as well. For all our personal environment users, you can select to upgrade right now.

We have plenty more to tell you about the release, feel free to read all about it.

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