Developers and others who are passionate about OutSystems Platform—and infuse this passion in all they do—matter to us. To show our appreciation, on May 2, 2016, at the Developers Morning event in Lisbon, an awesome group of people became OutSystems MVPs.

We could list a few of them here, but that wouldn’t be fair to the others because they’re all so amazing. You can get to know them on their very own MVP web page.

MVP Program

And, that was just the start.

If you’re super excited about OutSystems Platform and want to tell the world about how you use it and what can be done with it, you’re probably on your way to becoming an MVP. MVP recognition is yearly, so you have plenty of time to do what takes to become an MVP in time for next year’s award.

OutSystems MVPs Go the Extra Mile

OutSystems MVPs are the rock stars who go above and beyond simply using OutSystems Platform. They are involved at all levels and extend the OutSystems team beyond the company walls. They build and share apps and components for OutSystems Forge and help others by answering questions in the OutSystems Community Forum.

MVPs speak at user groups, conferences and online. They host meetup events that grow their local OutSystems user communities. They write and share useful information on blogs and are often influencers on social media.

What’s in It for You?

You get all kinds of cool benefits when you become an MVP:

  • Membership in an exclusive strategy committee
  • Direct access to the OutSystems Platform team for feedback or questions
  • Sponsorships for speaking at events about OutSystems Platform
  • Early access to the OutSystems Platform roadmap and pre-released versions
  • Special recognition in the OutSystems Community and OutSystems events
  • Exclusive OutSystems swag
  • Invitations to speak at OutSystems hosted events
  • Special logos and badges for your email signature, blog and other online activities

And, to keep you in suspense, there are other surprises in store.

What It Takes

To become an MVP, you can apply. Or you can recommend someone else for recognition.

There isn’t a formal set of requirements for becoming an MVP because of the widely divergent types of OutSystems users. Instead, we look for people who actively participate in everything from the OutSystems Community to public events and show their dedication to OutSystems by helping others become proficient.

Learn More

To see a list of current MVPs and to learn more, visit: