OutSystems Summer Event 2012

OutSystems is known as a great place to work. We have an open and fast changing environment where teams work hard towards a common goal of building something great, while at the same time having fun. The work place is informal. Creative and innovative ideas flow constantly, pushing all of us to be ”
the best we can be“. This is a company with a strong corporate culture, fit for individuals that embrace change, that accept new challenges in their daily life and that always want to push their boundaries to the next level.

But this great environment is not easy to create, and not always easy to maintain. It all comes down to a simple set of guidelines that we cherish and do not compromise on. Check out the
2012 OutSystems Summer Event Video to learn more! Also take a look at the great day we had, which included sailing from Lisbon to
Cascais, followed by the best concert of the year!

About the author

Alexandra Monteiro

Alexandra strongly believes people must be happy at work. At OutSystems, she manages initiatives and processes that drive employees to love their company, which is a critical aspect for delivering awesome results for the company.

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