Well-known and widely respected analyst firm Ovum just released their marquee research, the Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Mobile App Development Platform Solution, 2015-16. Michael Azoff, principal analyst and author of this report, highlights what companies should be looking for in a MADP solution and then provides detail on where 12 different vendors fit against those criteria. We are gratified to be named a leader in the space.

Sample pages from Ovum's MADP decision matrix report

Given the amount of time, energy, money, anxiety, and attention that is being aimed at enterprise mobility right now, this report is quite timely. Enterprises all over the globe are trying to figure out how they’re going to tackle the daunting task of mobile app dev. The problem is complex, but the solution doesn't have to be. Seriously.

Mobile apps generally start as a persistent request from one or two spots in the company, mainly referring to a consumer-facing wave of apps. Many times, this turns into a side project to simply placate those groups. What people don’t typically prepare for is the tsunami of employee and partner-facing apps that are directly behind that first ripple, which turns that side project into a strategy. Unfortunately for most, that strategy is destined for failure.

An interesting aspect of this Ovum evaluation report is the importance given to features that support three strong emerging trends in the Mobile App Development Platform space which have not been obvious to the casual “mobile dev tool” evaluator:

  1. The convergence of mobile and web development
  2. The explosion and validity of visual rapid dev tools to support the prototype-intensive nature of mobile app development
  3. The importance of supporting the full life cycle of these apps beyond just development.

Ovum is clearly getting the same type of inquiries and needs from their clients that we at OutSystems have been experiencing in the field and which have steered our roadmap:

Ovum is impressed with OutSystems because of the complete end-to-end nature of their solution for the rapid development and delivery of mobile and web applications. Its enterprise-grade features and functionality cover the entire mobile app lifecycle, in addition to providing a complete platform for delivering custom applications across all devices.” - Michael Azoff, Principal Analyst, Ovum

Please be our guest in reviewing this great piece of research and see if you come to the same conclusion.