The OutSystems training team and our global training partners have been busy the past few months, cooking up something special for experienced developers. Let’s take a look.

For Those About to Develop: We Salute You

Being a software developer is a never-ending journey of learning and mastery. Some of us started with punch cards, others with long sessions staring at black-and-green computer terminals. Others began at home with their first home computers, typing code from  printed listings or later downloading sample code and building on it.


First computer
My first computer, learning BASIC in the 80s.


Many of us had to learn different languages throughout our careers. With that comes the bittersweet feeling of leaving something you have mastered behind—that comfort zone of a familiar language, tools and processes—and the cautious excitement of learning something new and figuring out not only how much more you can do with it but also how much better.

At OutSystems, we know this feeling quite often. For some of our users OutSystems is their first development language; for others, this is not their first software development rodeo - from .NET,  Java, PHP or front-end web development, to C, VB, Python, or Perl, we have a wide range of experienced developers in our ranks.

Time and again, we hear from users that OutSystems is easy to learn. But we also know that those of you with development experience want to be able to also understand how it all relates to what you already know, so you can better build on top of your existing experience.

Let Us Introduce You to Accelerated Courses

For several months, we have worked with IT Up, one of our Global Training Partners, to add short courses to our Training catalog to address this exact need. As of today, if you are an experienced developer in .NET, Java, PHP, SQL or web front-end development (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and are starting out with OutSystems, we have dedicated acceleration courses that will map your existing knowledge in any of these languages to OutSystems.


OutSystems new acceleration courses
Some of our new Acceleration courses for experienced developers.


These will give you a boost when going through our Guided Paths afterwards, allowing you to put all your learning in perspective and build on your existing experience to become an OutSystems expert in no time!

It’s Never Been a Better Time to Start Learning OutSystems

With these acceleration courses and our newly launched Mobile Developer guided path to add to our Reactive Developer one, you will have OutSystems mastered in no time! So, for those about to develop (with OutSystems): we salute you!