A couple of weeks ago I got a note from Software Engineering Daily asking whether I'd be up for an interview, and let me tell you: the excitement still hasn't worn off. You see, my colleague Rodrigo and I had been involved in a very meaningful endeavour a few months back: a company-wide effort to prove that our platform could scale to serve millions of users concurrently

The magnitude of that effort was what piqued Software Engineering Daily's interest.

The main reason for my excitement was the fact that I’m a subscriber to the podcast, listening the episodes every chance I get, mostly during my daily commute. So, of course I replied with a very emphatic "Yes!"—all the while trying to play it as cool as possible. 

Not long after that, Rodrigo and I were in a chat with Jeff, our host, so we'd get a heads-up about what the interview was going to be like. We talked about the setup we used to load test mobile apps at a massive scale. We told him about the scalability white paper that tells the story of our project, and then we went into all the geeky details, the way we set the tests up, the results, the surprises, the slices of pizza and nights playing ping-pong on our boss’s table until the wee hours of morning… you name it.

Recording the podcast was quite the experience! After we talked about the specifics of the test, the conversation flowed naturally toward the capabilities of OutSystems. We also had the chance to debunk a few myths about low-code, and OutSystems in particular. If it can handle a Black Friday kind of scenario, it’ll be able to cope with pretty much anything you can throw at it. 

The best thing about doing this kind of interview with one of the co-founders by my side was that while that company dinosaur talked about the product, I got to talk about all the other cool stuff. My one regret is that the pizza and ping-pong parts didn’t make it in because of time constraints.

Special thanks to Jeff, for being such a great host. It was a whole lot of fun! We’re just sorry it was just one episode—we could easily speak another full hour about it all.

Click image to listen to the podcast, hosted by Software Engineering Daily.