Bust Your Mobile App Backlog With New Development Features

The best low-code platform just got better with two amazing features to help you deliver beautiful, enterprise mobile apps faster.  If you recall, last year we introduced a library of 140 beautiful UX widgets that can quickly be added to an app with simple drag and drop development.  Well, we’re excited to introduce two innovative features that make mobile development even faster and help you quickly reduce your mobile app backlog.

Check out this short video tour.  

Our Latest Innovations for Delivering Mobile Apps Fast

The first new feature, App Templates, gives developers a much faster way to move apps along the track. Rather than labor over each individual app, developers can draw from templates that not only feature beautiful pre-built screens but also navigation, business logic and data structures geared to address the most common mobility needs. For example, if developers are building a new consumer app to improve the customer’s digital journey, there’s a template that already has touch ID integration, onboarding flows to promote self-service, and in-app notifications. With App Templates, IT teams can cut development times by as much as 70 percent.

Theme Customizer is the second innovative new feature. With it, developers can produce sharp, rich user experiences without extensive knowledge of design. For example, a developer can easily upload a company logo and OutSystems will automatically produce a theme that matches the style and branding of the organization. The theme standardizes components of the branding process, eliminating frustrating design glitches, mismatched color palettes and long searches through multiple apps to check on style guidelines.

These are just a few of the many features that have rocketed us to the leader position in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile App Dev.  Download your complimentary report here

Ready for more?

If you’d like to see OutSystems in action, let us know. We’ll give you a tour of the platform, share some great customer examples, and show you how you can cut your mobile app dev time in half with OutSystems.

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Mike Hughes

An accomplished "IT Renaissance Man", Mike has worked in diverse roles from developer to business analyst, architect to project manager, account manager to sales manager. All this knowledge culminates in a single-minded focus on helping clients become their own IT success stories using OutSystems low-code platform.


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You can find out more about our Pricing and Editions here. OutSystems has three levels of configurable pricing that deliver predictability and control. Our editions allow you to get started for free, scale with growth, and power enterprise-scale applications.

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