Save money and deliver ahead of schedule: The SATA story

I was excited to read a story in PM Network profiling our client, SATA International, an airline headquartered in Portugal. The article highlights how SATA – using OutSystems – built a custom airport operational management system after the packaged software vendor behind their previous application came to them at renewal time presenting a significant price increase.


“Buy vs. build” is a typical issue we hear from OutSystems users, and as the PM Network article points out, the answer for SATA was “build” after they realized they could reduce costs and improve organizational efficiency by building their own application. For SATA, the airport operational management system is a critical application that needs to be fully integrated with SATA’s operational systems. And after a short experience working with OutSystems, SATA was certain they had the right platform to build their application.
As SATA CIO Paulo Ornelas said in the PM Network article:
“Even having this limited experience, the success of our first agile deployment instilled confidence that both the methodology and the technology would effectively support the project delivery.”

Once SATA kicked off this project using OutSystems, they were able to deliver the application even quicker than expected. Paulo Ornealas told PM Network:

“We actually issued the final release a month early, with an even higher than- promised level of functionality.”
And at the end of the project, SATA’s decision to build its own custom application was validated, with substantial financial savings over what the packaged software vendor originally quoted them for their renewal:
“Financially, we were able to realize significant savings in both capital expenditure and operating expense,” Mr. Ornelas says. The final solution came in at only 15 percent of the total cost proposed by the vendor, and it was totally tailored to the organization.
Congratulations to SATA on their successful projects! To read more about the success they’ve had with Agile Platform, check out their full case study.


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