SIIA PaaS Requirements

The availability of technology has gotten better. This makes things more accessible, usable, etc. For example, it was not but a few years ago that you still used a phone line and wire to connect to your email when traveling on business. How we forget the good ole days and thank someone for wireless access. In the cloud we are making access to virtualized servers, data stores and the needed services to manage them available under a utility model – you only pay for what you use.


So the cloud. OK, I think we all get the basics of having a virtual data center and the notion of a utility model for getting access to a remote infrastructure. Being able to offload some of the operational costs associated with managing your infrastructure is promising. What I see as the real challenge is how all of this will impact the more difficult side of IT, application development and management. This is where we create business value and where the cloud has some maturing to do before its full promise will be recognized.
So what about application development in the cloud – how are you going to get it done? Well there is SaaS which is effectively the cloud’s ‘package’ application market. This is good for those commodity processes where you can buy a package. But for the differentiating processes where you have to build an application we have to look at things like PaaS or platform as a service. To this end I wanted to share a snippet from a recent SIIA article that outlined their thinking on the minimum requirements you’ll need to provide a “Best-in-Class” Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering:
  • Multi-tenant architecture – common technical resources and code instance for multiple client companies.
  • Customizable/Programmable User Interface – support the creation of high-flexible user interfaces without the need to write complex code.
  • Unlimited Database Customizations – provide ability to easily modify/extend the data model (i.e. construct objects, define relationships, specify validation rules/permissions) via a “point-and-click” declarative” environment.
  • Robust Workflow capabilities – engender process automation by providing “point-and-click” tools to easily define workflow processes and specify business rules.
  • Granular permissions model – multi-level control over security/sharing within/across applications and platform components.
  • Flexible services-enabled integration model – enable seamless integration of “cloud” application data and functionality via a flexible web services enabled integration model.
  • Analytics layer – enhanced ability to leverage aggregated data across companies and applications for analytics.
  • Integrated content library – common elements that extend the core application feature set, improve info-sharing and speed up go to market time.
This list sounds reasonable. I would push back on the need for multi-tenancy.  Why?  If I am an enterprise IT shop wanting to build applications for my business – I don’t share my application software thus this need is not important. I would also add the requirement to have my PaaS give me the option to deploy any new application on premise as well as in the cloud – you never know when something is going to force you to move your data and processes to a more secure setting. Check out the eBook the OutSystems team put together on PaaS here and let me know what you are considering for application development in the cloud.


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Mike Jones

Mike is a professed 'hater' of complexity. He has been in the IT industry since the mid 80's where he learned his technical skills at EDS and Texas Instruments. He believes there is a simpler way for IT professionals to deliver business value that requires a pragmatic mix of agile methods and application development tools.


Dominique Kande Vita

Hi, really dont undestand your commercia offert, why dont you make thing clearer ???
I need a server to host my agile community application, that’s all. You offert a trial version of your server for 3 days, do you mean that server cost $200 ???? and for a simple web application of one page ?? I better go to php !
So I am not getting it, missing a conceipt, or you forgot to mention some price in your site….
You ve got plenty of video, bog entry talking about ***”could”***, but can you present clearly WHAT YOU OFFERT ??????????????

Hello Dominique,
If what you need is to create a web application with a single web page, your best choice is to go with our Community Edition. You can try it out for 3 days, like you mention, and then you can install it on your own machine or in a IaaS provider using the full version available here: http://www.outsystems.com/download/full/
In terms of offer, we provide a platform to develop and change enterprise web apps really quick, by generating standard .Net or Java code that doesn’t lock you in. http://www.outsystems.com/agile-platform/ . You can also take a look at what some of our customers achieved with our product in the case studies section: http://www.outsystems.com/case-studies/
The licensing you saw is for the use of the platform installed on-premise or on an IaaS provider. If you’re looking for a complete PaaS offering, stay tuned… in the meantime, take a look at what we believe is the right way to pick a good PaaS provider: http://www.outsystems.com/cloud/
Hope you enjoy using the agileplatform!

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