Six Guiding Principles

Recently, I had the honor of delivering the graduation speech for the graduates of The Lisbon MBA program. I consider these ceremonies important celebratory life events so I wanted to come up with something that was truthful, inspiring, and grounded on facts.

OutSystems is the product of a fantastic collective of people, but as one of the founders and part of top management, I end up making wide-reaching decisions. This speech is structured around six principles that guide the decisions I make everyday in my life and at OutSystems:

  1. Acknowledge luck. Resist the feeling of entitlement.
  2. Live deliberately. Never shift control or blame.
  3. Be curious. Seek to understand why.
  4. Embrace change. Be proud of trying. Not ashamed of failing.
  5. Do not set limits on what you can do.
  6. Define your moral boundaries and never cross them.

You can read the full transcript of the speech, here.

About the author

Paulo Rosado

Paulo has led OutSystems from initial startup to international leader in cutting-edge approaches to delivering enterprise web and mobile applications. Besides his day job as CEO, he occasionally helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses and avoid obvious mistakes.


Excelent priciples. Thank you Paulo for sharing. Here at Nimbi we view Paulo and Outsystems as examples to follow.

Paulo Rosado

Thank you, Filipe. Great compliment!

Success can easily spoil a person or even a company. I’m glad to see you acknowledge that luck is part of the equation more often than not… Good to hear you say that failure should be embraced and testing new things is important (I’ve made the first commercial implementation of MongoDB in Portugal years ago. Seeing it now as a solid 4th worldwide make me smile…).
Having IoT and ubiquitous CAD around the corner (Check what Onshape is doing, it’s jaw dropping) is going to change a lot of things for SME’s (Portuguese or not).
Are those fields something you consider addressing?
I would love to share your vision on those subjects.
Fancy a coffee one of these days… Let me know!

Paulo Rosado

Hi Michael, IoT is definitely here and being weaved in in the fabric of most digitalization initiatives in multiple industries. Let’s see where that takes us. Things change every six months…

I think that having companies like SIGFOX (represented by NarrowNet in Portugal) having 90% of the population covered (and 75% of the territory) will really help to go from the buzz to real world application. France, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark are showing the same level of coverage. I’m sure it will knock your door soon enough. Good news are, I guess, the R from RAD should get you on track quite quickly.
For CAD integration, however, it could take a little more time but integrated PLM with Onshape could be worth taking a look at since you seem to have a large base of American customers. 😉

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