The following is a post by Miguel Lopes, Vice President of Product Management for OutSystems. This article originally appeared on Microsoft's Channel9 Blog.

If you like the benefits of simplicity and scalability you get with Microsoft Azure, you'll love the speed you can get with OutSystems Platform, an advanced, complete Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) platform that's now available on Azure.

Let's face it: The days of building enterprise apps for the homogeneous corporate desktop are numbered, if not over. For IT, this shift has created an app logjam as it scrambles to address the reality of a modern, mobile workforce. That means new devices, new form factors, wildly varying screen resolutions and new requirements for mobile-native capabilities – like incorporating GPS functions, cameras, and more.

As if that weren't hard enough, there's the need to rapidly iterate, add new features, and integrate with both old and new enterprise systems, preferably in an agile-friendly way that can automate continuous delivery and integration as apps evolve over time.

And that's why we're here.

OutSystems has partnered with Microsoft to bring the power of rapid app delivery to Azure, giving enterprises a turnkey, full-life-cycle platform that lets you design, build, deliver, manage, and monitor enterprise apps faster than you thought possible. All with no vendor lock-in – there's no worrisome proprietary widgets or interpreters.

If you have a non-trivial investment in your existing .NET or Java code, no worries; you can weave it into your OutSystems Platform apps. The solution is truly enterprise-class, used by more than 500 prominent enterprise customers and tens of thousands of developers worldwide.

So if you're in the midst of your own app logjam and would like to increase your development and delivery velocity, take a couple minutes to check out OutSystems Platform! Watch a few demos, then spin up a free OutSystems Platform environment in the Azure Marketplace. You know Azure gives you simplicity, scale and flexibility. With OutSystems on Azure, you get that last critical piece: speed.