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Agile vs frAgile: Handle Your Scrum with Care

Agile has became the reference approach for modern product development in the last few decades. However, we still see a lot of misinterpretation and abuse of its core values. This is so common that there is a name for it. The experienced Agile community likes to call this unwanted byproduct frAgile. If you don’t handle it with care, it is sure to shatter your product. With this in mind, I’m going to walk you through a few examples of how Agile can indeed become frail, and how all of them are inevitably linked to frAgile anti-patterns.
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The Hack for Surviving the Second- System Syndrome

Our mission was clear: We wanted OutSystems Platform 10 to generate awesome mobile apps. The platform generated (server-rendered) web applications, so we had to do a major system redesign, which included changing not only the runtime, but also large parts of the visual programming language, the compiler and the IDE.We called it “The New Runtime Project.”
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How TDG Rebuilt an Aging HR System with OutSystems

Over the past 40 years, Transnational Diversified Group (TDG) has transformed itself from a shipping agency into a diverse group of businesses. Today, the organization is made up of 35 distinct companies that are engaged in activities ranging from logistics to travel and tourism to information and communications technology, among others. Collectively, those companies employ 4,000 professionals across the Philippines. To gain economies of scale, large businesses need to reduce costs related to human resources management. OutSystems digitally transformed TDG’s business by enabling it to build an HR system that significantly cut payroll and time management costs as well as increased accuracy.
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Agile That Makes Sense: Stop Wasting Your Sprints

As an agile practitioner I have had the chance to participate in many different projects over the last five years. I have had a chance to see projects of beauty and those that simply did not go as desired. Recently, I was asked to support a project where the customers’ IT team was embracing agile and trying to follow a SCRUM based approach ‘by the numbers.’ It was this project that shined some light on the way we practice agile here at OutSystems and has helped me reflect on our enterprise approach and agile practices that just make sense.


Estradas website goes agile and delivers live traffic updates to Portugal
  Platform in Action

Portuguese Road System Goes Agile with Real-Time Traffic Monitoring

The final customer case study of the day, but certainly not the least, was presented by Rui Ribeiro, of Estradas de Portugal. This organization works to fund, maintain, plan and extend the road system throughout Portugal as a public service, and Rui talked about the importance of IT in supporting the changes that the company is undergoing. (more…)

Bacardi adopted agile, Pedro Barreto presents how
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Bacardi Adopted Agile Thanks to Pedro Barreto and OutSystems

Pedro Barreto, from Bacardi Martini Portugal, stepped down from his IT Manager position and took over a truly honest and open stance, sharing his personal experiences with agile methodologies and OutSystems.

He started by quickly reviewing his past (and bad) experiences with Waterfall models, purchased packages and several failed custom built projects. He knew that had to be a better way, and was looking for something new, something fresh, that would allow Bacardi’s IT to reach the desired level of responsiveness and agility. And they got there once Pedro convinced Bacardi to adopt agile. (more…)

Ton Koot and Joop Stringer present findings from their first agile projects
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First Agile Projects: Lessons Learned The Hard Way by COOLProfs

Kicking off the after-lunch slot was the COOLProfs team. Ton Koot and Joop Stringer from Holland started things off with a bang. COOLProfs is an OutSystems partner specializing in application development and CA Gen. They talked to us about how to execute an agile project on-time and on-budget. They shared their experience of their first agile projects and used two customer examples to show how things can go; both a project that goes well and as expected, and one that does not. (more…)

Overcoming Extreme Customer Environments with Agile

“Agile is key to overcome difficult customer environments”

José Luís Ferreira, Partner at Pessoas & Processos (P&P), took the audience through a voyage to Africa, and shared his adventures in delivering a custom Facilities Management System for Sonangol, the largest oil company in Angola. (more…)

Managing Software Maintenance with ITIL and Agile

Professor Miguel Mira da Silva of INOV and his PhD student, Carlos Mendes, joined us for the second of our morning sessions. INOV is an OutSystems partner and a non-for-profit innovation institute focused on IT, networks and electronics. INOV includes an IT Governance group and a Software Development group that delivers custom web business applications based on OutSystems methodology and technology.


NextStep 2010 – Day 2 Sessions Posted!

We’ve just posted the full session list for our upcoming user conference, NextStep 2010; April 15-16, Lisbon, Portugal. Check out the FULL AGENDA!

Just to recap our first day: Paulo Rosado, OutSystems CEO, will be discussing ways to address the “last inefficient industry of the 21st Century” – yes, our very own IT industry! Gartner Research’s VP & distinguished analyst, Massimo Pezzini, will then provide insights from Gartner on how they see changes in tools, methods and architecture impacting IT efficiencies. And last but not least, a look into the future of the Agile Platform. (more…)