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  Platform in Action

XDx – Using Agile Development to Support Scientific Research Studies

The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal recently ran  articles on an important new blood test, called AlloMap, which was developed by XDx, a cutting-edge biopharma based in California. (more…)

  Platform in Action

Agile Application LifeCycle Management – A Travel Case Study

We were all very excited to hear one of our customers, Max Rayner, speak at the recent ALM Expo on how he and his team built and delivered the system using an agile approach. If you’re not familiar with it, this is an internet application that’s openly available and was built using Agile methodologies, SCRUM techniques and an Agile ALM toolset. (more…)

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Driving Agile Success – A CIO’s Mandate

The challenge we see in many Enterprise IT shops is that it is hard to get everyone across the business who touches application development ‘on board’ with an agile approach.  In this blog post I want to share how the CIO of one of our customers has set guidelines which help drive agile project delivery across the business. (more…)

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Introducing Agile: Hidden Benefits (and some challenges)

Our next presentation was by Stefan Meier, Associate Director, Software Development, Information Sciences Department at XDx. Xdx is a biotech company that relies on software and technology for their Molecular Diagnostic Technology. They assess patients who have had a heart transplant and whether they are likely to accept or reject the transplant. They are also working on a clinical study to provide the data to find correlations between genetics and pathology in disease/immune system-related areas. (more…)

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Launching a New Company in a Fast and Agile Way

Miguel Barreto, CEO of Home Energy spoke to us next on “Launching a New Company in a Fast and Agile Way” Home Energy is a new company that’s part of the Martifer, a Portuguese renewable group. Home Energy was established in May 2008 with a goal of being a market leader in a new space opened up by new regulations related to Energy Certification and Microgeneration (small photovoltaic panels for home use) for the domestic housing market. January 2009 was when the market was going to take off and Home Energy needed to be ready to support a 200,000 housing market. (more…)