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NextStep 2010 Wrap-up

Now that the dust has settled (sorry, no volcano-pun intended) on NextStep 2010, we wanted to thank everyone for making it such a great event! (more…)


4 Trends Driving IT as a Source of Competitive Advantage

Paulo Rosado, CEO of OutSystems, kicked off the conference with a thought provoking keynote arguing the idea that IT doesn’t matterĀ and is just a commodity was incorrect and described how and why IT is in fact the source of competitive advantage for many leading companies. He also warned the audience that because every good idea is eventually copied -eroding any competitive advantage – continuous innovation is imperative.


Wish you were here!

Lisbon is beautiful and sunny – and 257 (and counting) registrants just streamed into the CCB auditorium for the first keynote presentation of the OutSystems NextStep ’09 conference!! It really is shaping up to be a huge Agile event!
More very soon… (more…)