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The 3 Mobile Architectures Distilled

I don’t know about you, but I am getting asked more and more to deliver some type of application that has a mobile front end. Of course mobile is one of the big trends nowadays, and there are good reasons for it. In a recent Forrester survey, 75% of decision makers claim that deploying mobile apps has increased their workforce productivity.

The question I seem to get asked often is, how should you implement mobile?  (more…)


ESDC Retrospective

Last week, the OutSystems team attended the Enterprise Software Development Conference (ESDC) in San Mateo California. This is the first year for this show and, as Alan Zeichick notes, it takes up where the old SD West conference left off.  As gold sponsors of the show, we got to both attend the sessions and talk to the conference attendees at the OutSystems booth. (more…)


Agile Development – A Juggling Act?

We have recently started playing the “Ball Point Game” in some of our informal Agile learning sessions. This is a game played by some scrum trainers. The basic objective of the game is to get as many balls through the team as possible within two minutes. Each ball must be touched at least once by every team member and must end with the same person with whom it began. After two minutes the team is allowed an additional minute to discuss the process and how it could be improved. It is recommended that the game be played a total of five times or sprints. You can learn more about the game in this Scrum Trainers blog post.  (more…)

Cure outcome uncertainty eye chart
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How to Cure Outcome Uncertainty in Agile Environments

The uncertainty of outcome is the only certainty. This should ring true to every Agilista out there. Let me give you a minute to think it through. When was the last time you worked on an application development project where the outcome was certain?

In my 25 years in the IT industry the outcome has never been a given. Oh, I tried … we did formal analysis, with Information Strategy Plans, Entity Relationship Models, Process Models, Use Cases, Flow Diagrams, Class Diagrams and the list goes on. But in the end, it only got us so far. The reality was that things changed, we got stuff wrong and the result was not what was expected.  (more…)


3 Areas of Caution for Corporate IT Agilists

So, SAP is embracing Agile development for their new SaaS strategy. About time don’t you think?  Most ISVs are way ahead of the hype around Agile and have been applying some form of Agile development since the beginning of this century. Now, for those of you working in corporate IT shops who think SAP’s move is a great endorsement of Agile methodology and are going to run to your management shouting “the time is now!” …let me caution you on a few key points where you might run into some bumps. (more…)


Lean Agile and Fit to Purpose (more from Forrester ITF09)

This was a great session by John Rymer and Dave West.  They provided some interesting stats:
•    80-90% of IT spend is on software maintenance
•    Business are demanding innovation
•    Time to market is more critical now than ever before.

These three stats should be staring you right in the face – How can you be more innovative in shorter time frames than ever when 80-90% of your budget is spent on maintenance?  (more…)

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Launching a New Company in a Fast and Agile Way

Miguel Barreto, CEO of Home Energy spoke to us next on “Launching a New Company in a Fast and Agile Way” Home Energy is a new company that’s part of the Martifer, a Portuguese renewable group. Home Energy was established in May 2008 with a goal of being a market leader in a new space opened up by new regulations related to Energy Certification and Microgeneration (small photovoltaic panels for home use) for the domestic housing market. January 2009 was when the market was going to take off and Home Energy needed to be ready to support a 200,000 housing market. (more…)

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Challenges of Scoping and Sizing Agile Projects

Nuno Teles, Service Operations Director at OutSystems, launched the afternoon here at track 2 by talking about the challenges of scoping and sizing an Agile project. Agile projects are not based on lengthy specifications and piles of documents. Instead, they are focused on a clear business need and on understanding and designing the simplest effective solution to address it. The challenge consists of sizing a project based on fuzzy and high level requirements.


  Platform in Action

Extending Core Systems in a SOA Environment

The “Agile Delivery Experiences” track was kicked off by Rosa Mimoso, Director of Global & Support Systems of Caixa Seguros.  Rosa shared how Caixa Seguros e Saude,Portugal’s largest insurance group used Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and OutSystems Agile technologies to address their extremely large and complex business and technology environment (millions of customers & claims, 4 companies, 5 brands and hundreds of legacy apps.)   (more…)


The Changing Economics of Application Development

Mike Jones and Carlos Alves of OutSystems got the audience’s brains thinking with a discussion on “The Changing Economics of Application Development” with a set of questions:

Can a company really innovate in today’s economic environment?

– they think “yes”, and gave examples of how new ideas are coming up from the business, they are small but they are making a significant difference to business success – however, they may need custom built software (not packages) due to the need for speed and flexibility.