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Agile By the Numbers – Which Ones Don’t Make Sense?

As an agile practitioner I have had the chance to participate in many different projects over the last five years. I have had a chance to see projects of beauty and those that simply did not go as desired. Recently, I was asked to support a project where the customers’ IT team was embracing agile and trying to follow a SCRUM based approach ‘by the numbers’. It was this project that shone some light on the way we practice Agile here at OutSystems and has helped me really reflect on our enterprise approach and things we practice that just make sense.


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Save money and deliver ahead of schedule: The SATA story

I was excited to read a story in PM Network profiling our client, SATA International, an airline headquartered in Portugal. The article highlights how SATA – using OutSystems’ Agile Platformbuilt a custom airport operational management system after the packaged software vendor behind their previous application came to them at renewal time presenting a significant price increase. (more…)

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An Agile Career with OutSystems

This week I had the chance to interview Rui David, a long-time OutSystems partner and enthusiast. We talked about how he got interested in OutSystems, the impact OutSystems has made on his professional life and why he decided to create a new website aggregating listings of OutSystems jobs. I hope you find his journey with OutSystems as interesting as I did. (more…)

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Agile Success in the REAL World

Rui Afonso of Hyfas spoke about the key success factors of introducing and succeeding with Agile projects in small and mid-size companies. In comparison, Rui reviewed the distinct challenges presented to these corporations.

So, how should one deal with small and mid-size company agile projects? Start by showing value early and often. Secondly, don’t overload the customer with decisions. Instead, you should help him and leverage a trustful sponsor. (more…)
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Agile Application LifeCycle Management – A Travel Case Study

We were all very excited to hear one of our customers, Max Rayner, speak at the recent ALM Expo on how he and his team built and delivered the system using an agile approach. If you’re not familiar with it, this is an internet application that’s openly available and was built using Agile methodologies, SCRUM techniques and an Agile ALM toolset. (more…)

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Measuring Agile Success?

Last month our company announced its new Agility Awards – and the first set of awards were presented for five Agile projects that had been completed by customers and partners using  OutSystems’ Agile Platform and employing Agile methodology.

The question I want to pose is what are good criteria for assessing a successful Agile project? This question builds on Mike’s recent post about criteria for measuring an Agile project manager’s success – and we got lots of great responses and ideas in the comments. (more…)

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Nine Useful Agile Resources

New customers and partners often ask our consultants for recommendations of good sources of introductory information on Agile practices and Agile methodology – so we thought it might be useful to list of some of our favorites. Feel free to add your faves! (more…)

Agile2009 Trip Report

Last week’s Agile2009 in Chicago was a pleasant surprise in a couple of ways.  First, in a down economy the conference attracted nearly 1400 attendees from around the globe – which is outstanding considering many conferences organizers we’ve talked to are reporting a 30% decline in attendance. According to the organizers 60% of the attendees were first-timers at the conference which is a testament to the quality of the event. And, there was a large international contingent – we met lots of Aussies, Kiwis, Brits and Europeans; in fact it felt like 50% of the Agilists we spoke to were from outside the US – and great to meet them all!  (more…)

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Agile = speed over quality?

Don’t think about it – what’s the one word that springs to mind when you think of “Agile” in terms of application development? Write it down somewhere. (more…)

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Will the REAL user please stand up! Involving the right customers in Agile projects

Scrum brings the customer and the development team together as often as every sprint.  Because the customer is involved throughout the development process and is consulted once per iteration, the team can never deviate very far from the customer’s vision.” says Laszlo Szalvay in his recent Better Software Magazine article on SCRUM in which the author does an excellent job of providing an overview of SCRUM. (more…)