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  Platform in Action

Developers & Processes: A topic for Programmer Day 2010

Following Rodrigo’s last post on Caixa Seguro’s Programmer Day, I would also like to share with you my session on OutSystems’ Business Process Technology. The Caixa Seguros team relies pretty heavily on Business Process Management, and they were eager to learn more about our capabilities and experience!
As such, I was pleased to show them how OutSystems’ approaches with the application of BPM technologies and implementations for their specific industry: Insurance – Policy and Claims handling.


  Dev Zone

Celebrating Programmer Day with Warp Development

Annually, on the 256 day of the year, developers worldwide celebrate “Programmer Day“! This was a surprise to me but I was ready to join the festivities when I got the invitation to present at an event organized by one of our customers, Caixa Seguros. With a group of over 300 developers this company’s IT management decided to celebrate this special day with an event dedicated to Development Practices, Innovations and Challenges.  (more…)
  Dev Zone

Discussing Agile Platforms and Tools

Last Monday I had the pleasure of participating in a Sogeti event dedicated to Agile Platforms and Tools. The event was organized by Samuel Ranzato and it was split into three talks: one about Visual Studio 2010, presented by Clemens Reijnen from Sogeti; one about the Rational tools, presented by Ton van Velzen from IBM; and one about the OutSystems Agile Platform, presented by myself. (more…)