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Van Ameyde wins BPM and SOA Innovation Award… with OutSystems!

Back in 2008, Van Ameyde – an international insurance claims manager from the Netherlands – came to the conclusion it needed to optimize their claims handling process in order to provide customers with the best service levels in the market. (more…)

  Platform in Action

Developers & Processes: A topic for Programmer Day 2010

Following Rodrigo’s last post on Caixa Seguro’s Programmer Day, I would also like to share with you my session on OutSystems’ Business Process Technology. The Caixa Seguros team relies pretty heavily on Business Process Management, and they were eager to learn more about our capabilities and experience!
As such, I was pleased to show them how OutSystems’ approaches with the application of BPM technologies and implementations for their specific industry: Insurance – Policy and Claims handling.