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User provides graphic feedback within an OutSystems iPad application
  Platform in Action

Video: How Rich User Feedback Eases Change Management

OutSystems has streamlined and extended its App Feedback feature. The ability to properly and directly capture context and user feedback is available across all devices - with specific goodies for mobile - along with a beautiful new developer interface! This blog post provides screen shots and a short video explaining the new functionality. We hope you enjoy this update and that you use it to great effect further crushing cycle time.
  Dev Zone

Handle Extreme Change in Enterprise Applications

What happens when your application software change cycle time shrinks from months to hours or days? Over the past four years, we have overseen the deployment of hundreds of Web business applications all following agile methods. During the course of these projects, we have faced many challenges and found some surprising benefits.

This article describes some of the lessons we have learned and provides advice on how you might overcome some key challenges in your own agile projects. (more…)