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  Platform in Action

Change Management Simplified – Grant Me Your User Feedback!

In a never-ending attempt to reduce the amount of time it takes to get changes incorporated into apps, OutSystems has up-leveled your ability to properly capture context and user feedback directly – across all devices.


Whether it be a QA engineer that spots something that doesn’t quite look right or a business user that just wants that OneMoreThing™, the days of crude screenshots, emails, spreadsheets, and steaming abyss of unfindable requests are over. Use your tablet to let your development team know exactly what you want. Draw on the screen. Add a voice note (“I would love to see a graph here that shows the relative efficiency of my different service techs”), or just type something in. Everything the user sees and annotates gets balled up into a nice user story that developers can review in a beautiful interface that also allows them to jump directly to the screen in question and begin implementing the change. Ridiculously efficient and effective! (more…)

  Dev Zone

Handle Extreme Change in Enterprise Applications

What happens when your application software change cycle time shrinks from months to hours or days? Over the past four years, we have overseen the deployment of hundreds of Web business applications all following agile methods. During the course of these projects, we have faced many challenges and found some surprising benefits.

This article describes some of the lessons we have learned and provides advice on how you might overcome some key challenges in your own agile projects. (more…)