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OutSystems Named a Cloud Computing Top Employer by Forbes, Again!

Paulo Rosado, OutSystems CEO, once said, “OutSystems is a unique place to work because of the smart and innovative people who have made it their home.” For the second year in a row, a Forbes report agrees – OutSystems is a top employer.

In the Forbes report of best cloud computing companies to work for in 2017, OutSystems is ranked sixth alongside industry giants Google, Microsoft and Salesforce. This report started with CRN’s coolest cloud computing companies, then looked to Glassdoor for the number of employees who would recommend the company to a friend and the percentage of employees who approve of their CEO. (more…)


The new kid on the block

Out of all the different cloud computing services, platform as a service (PaaS) has been the slowest growing with many organisations hesitant to adopt. However, this is set to change as leading analysts Gartner and 451 Research estimate PaaS to attain a 41 per cent CAGR through 2016.



A Cloud Platform before its time

In 2001, the group of founders got together and added the last details to the OutSystems business plan. We wanted to solve a big problem: fix the IT productivity issue of delivering large Intranet (browser-based internal apps) and Extranet (customer and partner portals and APIs) systems. These projects were plagued with failure, delays and were constantly over budget. We also wanted to ride the one trend we knew would revolutionize enterprise IT: software systems running on hardware hosted outside the enterprise data center. In March 2001, OutSystems was born.


  Platform in Action

The Big Move: How We Migrated Core Applications to the Cloud

For the last couple of months, it seemed a few of our core applications weren’t behaving as well as they should… Some applications were running a bit slow, and we experienced connectivity problems related to our ISP.
This was serious because these are core systems running on top of the Agile Platform, and include our website, our community, our partner network, our product management tool, and a host of other internal applications. (more…)
  Dev Zone

Custom SaaS Calls for RAD PaaS

I will bet that in some form or fashion you have Software as a Service (SaaS) in your organization. Now, I am not talking about packages that have been purchased and installed on your servers – I am talking about true SaaS. Where the software is running in the ‘cloud’ on your SaaS provider’s servers. There is a lot of hype around SaaS and the hope that in the near future all your applications will simply be purchased in the cloud and start working immediately. Sounds great – right?
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SIIA PaaS Requirements

The Cloud…  It’s like teenage sex. Everyone is talking about it – but no one is really doing it. Also like teenage sex sooner or later you will. Thus while the hype is driving us all a bit crazy we have to pay some attention to how this will play out as sooner or later we will get involved. Like most things in the technology world, the concepts are not all that new.
What has changed is the terminology and more importantly the availability of the technology has gotten better. This makes things more accessible, usable, etc. For example, it was not but a few years ago that you still used a phone line and wire to connect to your email when traveling on business. How we forget the good ole days and thank someone for wireless access. In the cloud we are making access to virtualized servers, data stores and the needed services to manage them available under a utility model – you only pay for what you use. (more…)
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7 things to consider when choosing a cloud-ready platform

Putting applications in the cloud offers the promise of reduced costs, flexibility, accessibility, not to mention the possibility to dramatically improve the way your IT works. But to reap all these benefits, you need to make the correct decisions when defining your cloud strategy – especially when it comes to your choice of development platform. (more…)

A letter to Santa from an Agile Platform

Dear Santa,
I’ve been a good girl in the last few years, providing ITs all across the world the ability to have a productivity they could never imagine. I help all kinds of developers, from juniors to seniors, to implement large and robust web applications in a fraction of the time they would take if using traditional frameworks. (more…)