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  Platform in Action

Is the Train Late? Liberating Siloed Data for Commuters in Rotterdam

As IT professionals, we are always happy to know we have delivered technical services that help a business and business users. Seeing a development project come to life and work the way it was designed is rewarding and probably the reason why most IT professionals enjoy their jobs. (more…)

NextStep 2010 – Day 2 Sessions Posted!

We’ve just posted the full session list for our upcoming user conference, NextStep 2010; April 15-16, Lisbon, Portugal. Check out the FULL AGENDA!

Just to recap our first day: Paulo Rosado, OutSystems CEO, will be discussing ways to address the “last inefficient industry of the 21st Century” – yes, our very own IT industry! Gartner Research’s VP & distinguished analyst, Massimo Pezzini, will then provide insights from Gartner on how they see changes in tools, methods and architecture impacting IT efficiencies. And last but not least, a look into the future of the Agile Platform. (more…)

  Dev Zone

7 reasons NOT to use Model Driven Development

Eric ten Harkel, founder and manager of COOLProfs, started this really insightful and humorous look at some provocative reasons a company shouldn’t use Model Driven Development:

  • You want to hide behind technology
  • Producing hours is all that matters
  • Methodology over delivery
  • Your most important goal is management attention
  • Your marketing manager is color blind
  • You are not in the 21st century yet
  • High productivity is a threat (more…)