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  Platform in Action

From Lotus Notes and Beyond – An Agile Migration Story

I wanted to share a recent experience I had with one of our newest customers. We’ll keep the name undisclosed for now, but these guys are a truly global company and a recognized leader in their industry.
When we first met the customer’s team, they were faced with the challenge of migrating away from antiquated technologies and hand coding into a platform that would allow their team to respond to business needs very fast but also with high quality and scalability. The team had evaluated tens of alternatives to achieve this goal and eventually decided on the Agile Platform as a technology that would allow them to achieve their time to market goals without sacrificing quality or scalability.  (more…)

Van Ameyde wins BPM and SOA Innovation Award… with OutSystems!

Back in 2008, Van Ameyde – an international insurance claims manager from the Netherlands – came to the conclusion it needed to optimize their claims handling process in order to provide customers with the best service levels in the market. (more…)