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A Developer Diary: Justin James on the Agile Platform Service Studio

There’s no better way to try technology out than to build a real-lifeapplication with it. Taking an idea for a product and developing it is a great way to understand the value and shortcomings of any new tool.

This is exactly what Justin James decided to do with the Agile Platform and he’s journaling his experience of developing his new web app, Rat Catcher, in a series of diary entries that are being published in Tech Republic. You can check out his first set of entries: Diary #1, Diary #2.


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Justin James Gets Started With The Agile Platform

We’re very excited that Justin James (the author of “OutSystems’ Agile Platform: IDE of my dreams“) over at Tech Republic is chronicling his use of the Agile Platform to build his personal software project, Rat Catcher, which will help media outlets track down plagiarizers and unauthorized uses of their content. (more…)